After speaking with 10 potential builders around Ottawa, it was refreshing when Tristan and I first spoke. This was my first big custom, after several full gut reno’s, and wanted someone experienced to help ensure everything went smoothly, and fill in knowledge gaps. Shellstar’s project management program was perfect. The feedback I received from all my pre-project checks was unanimously, Tristan is one of the most organized builders they’d dealt with. My experience was exactly that. From the moment we signed the agreement, he lead me through the design, engineering, permit, quote gathering etc. etc etc processes. We were constantly getting quotes and selecting trades 3 to 5 weeks ahead. Of course we had inevitable issues come up, but those were mostly caused by my lot choise and city inspectors. However, the pace we got through those issues was extremely impressive. Since this was my project, I had control of the trades we selected. Tristan had his time tested crews, and in a few instances I selected the unknown crews. He was able to keep everyone inline and on time, which wasn’t a small feat. I could go on.. honestly.. nothing but positive things to say. You’re in capable and caring hands.