To Whom It May Concern:

We first contemplated building a new home with Shellstar Homes in the spring of 2003, at which time we looked at a number of his existing plans and toured Tristan's model homes. In addition, Tristan took the time to tour other model homes with us in order that he could better see the features and layouts that we liked and disliked.

Upon realizing that none of his existing plans were quite what we were looking for, he set up an appointment for us with the architect that he uses. Tristan advised us prior to the appointment on how we should prepare for this meeting. As a result of his advice, we felt well prepared for our meeting with the architect, and this feeling was confirmed when we saw the first set of plans that he produced. We knew instantly that this was the house for us, and we signed the contract with Tristan shortly afterwards. Construction began in April, 2004.

From our perspective, the construction process was very smooth and stress-free. With a completely custom model, we expected that there may be issues which would creep up from time to time, but there really were very few. Tristan was very good at keeping us informed as the house progressed, and at bringing us in to clarify any details that he had questions about regarding trim and finishes, etc. When we were contemplating various upgrades and details about the house during the construction process, he was also very candid about what was worth doing and why, and what might be better left until later. It was quite evident throughout the process that he had our interests and our satisfaction in mind. Our house was ready for occupancy on the date promised, and though there were a few minor interior details which were not completed at the time of closing, these were things which were unquestionably beyond Tristan's control. The outstanding issues were resolved very promptly by Tristan after our closing, and the after-sales service that we have received from him has been top notch.

There were two things which we particularly enjoyed about the process, and which we believe put Shellstar Homes a cut above many other builders. The first thing was that we had complete flexibility in choosing our materials and finishes. Rather than having to pick from a specific set of items from a specific vendor, for example, we were given a budget for each area (tiles, lighting, etc), and we were free to choose from any vendor. As a result, we didn't have to compromise on anything, and we really feel as though the house is ours. The second was that instead of having to make a large number of decisions up front as you would with a larger builder, we were able to make these decisions over time as the house took shape. This meant that for a lot of the interior details, we were actually able to see the colours and finishes in the actual space. Spreading the decisions out, and allowing us to see the materials in the space itself ensured that we were going to be completely satisfied with the final result, and kept the stress of having to make those decisions to a minimum.

Having now occupied our home for nearly 3 months, we can say that we have absolutely no regrets about either the end product or our experience during the design and construction of our home. We have and will continue to recommend Shellstar to our friends without hesitation.

David and Shawny R.

Dear Tristan:

Now that we have moved in we thought we would write a note thanking Shellstar Homes for the outstanding job on our new home. As you know we researched thoroughly through the internet and the Ontario Home Builders Association before selecting a builder, and our efforts certainly paid off. Meeting with you and touring some of your models convinced us that we were on the right track, but our mind was made up when we realized that you would also be our neighbours.

We are so happy with the house you built for us; it was nice to deal with somebody with honesty and integrity that "wasn't in it just for the money".

The entire process was handled so smoothly and professionally, from start to finish, every time we had a question or needed direction you were there for us. With most of our friend's home running behind schedule we were so impressed to see our new house completed on time. We are very appreciative for all the time that was given to us during the process of picking out cabinets; paint and all the other purchases that were made.

We will build again with Shellstar Homes and will without a doubt recommend you to others.


Jody and KevinĀ  M.

To whom it may concern,

We built a house with Shellstar Homes in the fall of 2005, and it was an extremely pleasant experience.

The level of craftsmanship, the attention to details, and the standard trim levels that Shellstar offers left many of the other builders we looked on the sidelines.

They were able to help us finish on time, and on budget, and end up with a house that still has people walking in and saying "WOW".

I have seen other people try to build a house themselves, and become frustrated at the level of trades they are able to get, not so with our build. You can tell by the workmanship that the craftsmen Shellstar uses are the cream of the crop, not the bottom of the barrel.

Tristan's control and monitoring of the schedule saved us many delays, and he was able to help us out on things that without him would have caused many problems, both time related and financially.


Mark and Bev R.

Dear Tristan,

We would like to thank Shellstar for building the dream home we never imagined we could afford. Shellstar offered a property which without a house was just a nice piece of land.

Shellstar offered to take our dream home plans and put into spec our needs as well as maintaining our budget discussed. Hence the go ahead to build our custom dream home.

With many teams in place the path was paved to choose, all our necessary choices from the ground up, from the inside to outside.

We have recognized Shellstar's commitment to quality and Tristan's genuine caring personality and sincere concern making sure we are happy and satisfied with a Shellstar finessed product....

We truly "Dreamt it, Built it and we LOVE it"

Lucie and Donna